Anonymous asked : HOW WAS THE CON?!?!?!

First of all, how did you know I was at Con?

Secondly, It was wonderful… :) Saw Shannon Hale, Cornelia Funke, and Marissa Meyer; met Tomm Moore and Paul Young (director and producer) of Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea (eeeeeeeee!!); saw Alex Hirsh and crew for Gravity Falls :) and did the camp-out for the SPN panel, Misha Collins ran past our line in the morning :), sat in for the panel and came home sick :) WHOOO :) 

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On New Year’s Day, we are heading out to brunch, and Kavya’s sitting on the stairs, her head in her hands. Crying. I ask her what happened. In most cases, we verbally abuse the pain-inflicting object, followed immediately by a good stomping, and that sorts things out. But this time is different. In-between muted, heaving sobs, she says something that I hadn’t expected for at least a few more years: “I want yellow hair. Like Rapunzel.” She points to the large, manga-eyed, blonde princess with tiny toothpick-wrists, smiling on her t-shirt.

It’s one of those parenting moments where time stands still. I fight the urge to say, “Rapunzel’s hair is stupid. She can go to hell.”

My wife, Sona, sits on the stairs with Kavya and tries to comfort her. Sona’s parents don’t really understand the heaviness of what Kavya is saying, and view it as just a random tantrum.

Instead of berating Rapunzel for her physical appearance, I ask Kavya if she knows who my favourite princess is. She looks up at me. “Who?”

“Princess Kavya.” I say, touching her nose. She starts crying even louder. After a bit, she says, “Why do you like Princess Kavya?”


Challenging “Normal”: Why Non-Token Diversity in Kids’ Storytelling Is Important

Navdeep Singh Dhillon argues that, all too often in books, movies, and TV shows for children, non-white characters are only defined by their “otherness.”

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Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


what the fuck

Thor returning to Earth
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I will keep you from all harm



Well Sammy…

i thought this was gonna be some brotherly gif or something i just let out a loud involuntary squawk

I have to admit I screamed. And now I’m a little turned on.
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Help. Fire. I need a rescue.
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I saw rocketssurgery's awesome tattooed!Hiccup and my hand slipped
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